Cut costs!

Enable quick and safe withdrawals in crypto and fiat settlements directly to your bank account

Our processing solution is tailored for casinos, gambling, and betting platforms, ensuring access to some of the most relevant PSPs and gateways




No rolling reserves


Low fees


International coverage



Users* go through quick onboarding


Choose crypto as a payment method




Terrific gaming experience


We quickly convert crypto into fiat equivalent and credit user balances**


Once finished, users can withdraw funds in any crypto directly to their wallet

* there are about 420 million crypto users worldwide who can potentially become your future customers.

** crypto payments are generally faster, more convenient, and cheaper than fiat transactions.

No loss
of payments

100% chargeback protection, no rolling reserves.

Increase in new customers

Processed volumes in iGaming were up 77% in 2022, even during the bear market.

Low fees

Cross-border transactions with up to 80% lower fees.

Borderless coverage

Effortlessly expand to new regions and start scaling.

High-speed payouts

Crypto transactions take seconds to process.

Variety of

Withdrawals in popular crypto coins & tokens; B2B crypto payments with partners; fiat settlements.

No volatility

We freeze the exchange rate at the moment of purchase. Both merchants and end-customers can also choose to settle in stablecoins.

The world’s recognised
crypto payment provider


CryptoProcessing by CoinsPaid is a proven leader in the market


transactions per month
*for 1HY 2023


processed in crypto monthly
*for 1HY 2023




set-up or monthly fees


Independent security audits by 10guards & Hacken


Integrated transactions risk-scoring systems


Years working
with cryptocurrency



Processing tailored for gaming

We run a few online gaming companies, and Cryptoprocessing by CoinsPaid has been in charge of our crypto settlements with customers for more than a year. Overall, we are very happy with everything  – the customer service is responsive, and transaction speed is good enough for both me and the players. They also offer a partnership discount.



Credit card alternative

After researching our clients, we found out that a part of our business target audience does not own credit cards, but they’ve mastered their way into the cryptocurrency world. So we decided to use Cryptoprocessing to accept crypto from our clients and never regretted this decision. Now our customers instantly deposit funds which is a huge selling point for an iGaming business, transactions never get stuck, and the exchange rate is good enough.


Good option for iGaming

We’re operating a gaming business, and paying with crypto can benefit both us and our users. We’ve had offers from several processing companies, yet we decided to go with Cryptoprocessing mainly because they have a good reputation and are  legal. Their fees are within market range, but if you use their token, you’ll get a 50% discount.



Works for accepting crypto in casinos

Well-established crypto processing service, reasonable fees. Wouldn’t work for small businesses, perfect for slots/casinos. Supports 20+ cryptos and if you don’t need crypto whatsoever, you can instantly exchange your profits for fiat and send them to your bank account without losing money due to volatility. Overall good impression, can recommend.

Enhance your casino with crypto payments


get to know success stories
of our customers

We made for you presentation with insight
for any business.

Valentine N.

stars stars stars stars stars

“Thank you, CoinsPaid”

“Pros: Smooth integration, top-notch security. We feel that our money is well protected and we will always get the best service from CoinsPaid support team. Actually, we don’t need crypto currency so we send all of the payments in EUR to our business bank account and pay taxes without any issues or questions from the tax authorities. And they are licensed in the EU, too! Great job, CoinsPaid, keep it up!

Cons: The only thing that can be improved is the verification stage, we had to collect many papers and waited for approval for several weeks.

Overall: Cryptocurrency processing by CoinsPaid is a product we can wholeheartedly recommend!

Olga L.

stars stars stars stars stars

“Fast and reliable”

Pros: We are very grateful for your prompt answers and quick resolution of issues arising in the course of work.

Cons: The only thing I noticed, which I specifically miss, is that after the transaction, the balance data is immediately updated on the main page, not after updating the window.

Overall: From my experience, I can say that the service is very convenient and easy to work with. I would recommend it.

A CoinsPaid User

stars stars stars stars stars

“Excellent work experience”

Pros: Thank you for your partnership, our company is very comfortable working with Coinspaid. We like the fast communication with the team in the Telegram chat, prompt reaction of Coinspaid team, as well as recommendations for our account.

Cons: N/A.

Overall: Thank you for your partnership, our company is very comfortable working with Coinspaid. We like the fast communication with the team in the Telegram chat, prompt reaction of Coinspaid team, as well as recommendations for our account.

Evgeniy M.

stars stars stars stars stars

“CoinsPaid is the best one for business”

Pros: Really easy to integrate and use. Work with it for 8 months and I really understand that this decision is the best for my business. App is fast and have nice design. Interface is really simple. Responsive and helpful support. Not big fees for transactions.

Cons: Needed Russian support, as for me. And Russian language on site.

Overall: Overall it’s a great decision for any business which works with crypto. Waiting for more languages

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cryptocurrency payment gateway?

A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a platform that enables businesses to accept payments in various digital assets. These gateways ensure secure, instant, and cost-effective transactions, providing a way for businesses to tap into the growing market of cryptocurrency holders.

How can my gambling website accept online payments?

Your gambling website can accept online payments through a reliable payment gateway, such as By integrating our payment system into your website, you can accept 20 top cryptocurrencies, offering a seamless and secure payment experience for your customers.

What payment methods in our system are accepted? supports an extensive range of payment methods, such as payment links, channels and invoices. In terms of currencies available, we offer payments in 20+ of the most popular ones, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins like USDT and USDC, as well as 40 fiat currencies, including USD and EUR. Our system integrates smoothly with Worldpay, Software builders, and Big Data networks to offer comprehensive payment solutions.

Can players initiate chargebacks for casino payments?

One of the benefits of using is the reduction in chargebacks. Cryptocurrencies, by their nature, do not allow for chargebacks. This provides a secure transaction environment for your business and reduces disputes and potential fraud.

What gaming licenses are necessary for credit card processing in the gaming industry?

The specific gaming licenses required for credit card processing in the gaming industry vary by jurisdiction. It’s essential to consult with a legal expert or regulatory body in your region to ensure compliance. supports businesses with regulatory compliance.

Can we manage our casino payouts through a merchant account?

Absolutely. offers comprehensive merchant services, which include managing casino payouts. We provide secure and swift transaction processes, ensuring a seamless payout experience for both the business and the customer.

How can I start?

Starting with is simple. Visit our website and fill in the request form. One of our dedicated managers will contact you within 5 minutes to conduct a 1-1 consultation and guide you through the setup process.

A World-Class Digital Payments Gateway for iGaming | Crypto Payments for Online Casino

By incorporating secure and streamlined cryptocurrency transactions, you can provide a cutting-edge gaming experience. Enjoy the advantages of rapid transactions, heightened security, and universal accessibility through crypto payments. Elevate your casino platform with the latest technology, appealing to a broader spectrum of technologically inclined players.

Importance of the Secure Gaming Payment Gateway

The online gambling industry is continuously evolving, facing numerous challenges in payment processing due to its high-risk nature. Many traditional payment gateways deny services to gambling businesses due to potential legal issues, high chargeback rates, and fraudulent activities.

This has led to the increased demand for high-risk merchant accounts that can securely process online gambling transactions, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Key Features of a Gambling Payment Gateway

CryptoProcessing by CoinsPaid offers several key features tailored for the iGaming industry:

  • Advanced security measures and fraud protection: State-of-the-art encryption and security protocols ensure safe transactions.
  • Compatibility with popular gambling payment platforms: Seamless integration with major iGaming platforms.
  • Support for multiple payment methods: Accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
  • Smooth user experience: Quick onboarding, instant conversion from crypto to fiat, and easy withdrawal process.
  • Dedicated customer support: Round-the-clock assistance for any technical or transaction-related queries.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency for Online Gambling

Why should iGaming merchants consider integrating a crypto payments gateway?

  1. Speed and Accessibility: Cryptocurrency transactions typically offer quicker deposits and withdrawals, leading to a more satisfying user experience and potentially higher customer retention.
  2. Global Reach: Accepting cryptocurrencies allows merchants to attract players worldwide without currency conversion or international banking complications, broadening the customer base.
  3. Security and Fraud Prevention: Leveraging blockchain technology provides enhanced security, minimising the risks of fraud and chargebacks, which can be a significant concern in the industry.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Lower transaction fees associated with cryptocurrency payments can lead to improved profit margins for the merchant.
  5. Innovation and Competitive Edge: Embracing cryptocurrencies can differentiate a platform from competitors and attract tech-savvy players, positioning the online casino as a leader in technological innovation.

These core benefits collectively contribute to a more efficient and appealing operation, attracting a broader audience while simultaneously offering potential cost savings and a modern, progressive image.

How to Choose the Right Crypto Payment Gateway for Your Online Casino?

Choosing the right crypto payment gateway for online gaming and casinos requires understanding your business requirements, researching available crypto payment gateways, evaluating fees, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. It is also important to consider customer feedback and reviews. Compared to competitors, offers considerably lower transaction fees, making it a cost-effective choice.

Why do iGaming Companies Struggle to Obtain Payment Processors?

  1. Risk and Compliance Concerns
    iGaming companies often face issues due to stringent regulatory environments and compliance requirements. This includes Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.
  2. High Chargeback Volumes
    High chargeback rates in the iGaming industry pose a significant risk to payment processors, leading to reluctance in serving these businesses.
  3. Industry Perception and Reputation
    The gambling industry’s reputation often creates a negative perception, leading to difficulties in securing reliable payment processors.

Why Choose

At, we’re not just committed to regulatory compliance, but we actively assist our clients in navigating this complex landscape. Our services are built on a strong foundation of legal transparency, as reflected by our EU registration and license in Estonia, one of the most comprehensive and strict jurisdictions covering the cryptocurrency industry.

To top it all off, we offer comprehensive and dedicated support to all our clients. We believe in simple and seamless integration, which is why we offer one of the best APIs in the market. Our dedicated managers are always ready to provide full integration support, ensuring that you have a smooth onboarding process.

The Bottom Line

Our tailored gambling payment can help your business overcome payment processing challenges, provide an excellent user experience, and ensure regulatory compliance, all while reducing costs.

Choose CryptoProcessing by CoinsPaid for a seamless, secure, and efficient payment processing experience.

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